Tips to find your way in the acting business.

Are you interesting in the acting business? Do you know what you need to do first? Have you been consulting with other actors? Do you try searching the internet desperately for information? Are you still not really sure if you’re doing the right things to start? Have you been acting for some time now would you like a larger amount of work? Do you know too little about the business?

If any of those things are true for you then here is the information you need! Yes, you came to the right place!

Acting classes online tips is the website for you. It is still in progress of becoming the largest acting website for you. But already we give you lots of usefull tips!

A starting actor must learn and practice this "new craft" in order to work on his passion - acting.

One way to develop this craft, which for many is foreign territory, is to dive right in by writing down all of your goals and projects to begin formulating your plan - a business plan. A business plan is your guide to what you want your career to look like, how you're going to conduct business, what your product is, and how you're going to market it. The plan is meant to grow and change to suit your needs.

The plan can be simple, but should contain the following:

Your Vision Statement

What is your particular vision life and your acting career? I'll give you a have to be passionate about it. The acting business is a tough one after all.

Your Brand

What specifically is it that you sell? What is your brand? Why do people hire you? Why do you fit in the acting business?


What are your personal strategies to meeting Directors, Casting Directors, etc? Are you taking class with them? Do you audition for them? Do you have a mailings plan? Are you fully taking advantage of Social Networking Sites like Facebook? Are you creating your own showcase material and putting it on YouTube?

Support System

Who are the people in your life who will help you accomplish your vision?


How much income do you need to live? What percentage of your income are you setting aside to fund your acting expenses, living expenses, and savings for the future?

Organizational Systems

Do you have systems in place to support your acting business? The biggest being a mobile office set up.

It's important to realize that it's never too late to create and practice your business plan. That's right. I said practice your business plan. Small business ownership is about practice - trial and error. You learn by doing, much like you did learned the craft of acting. Business skills are another craft that most actors must learn in order to succeed. Oh and how do we learn Craft? Through repetition.

Make your plan and start acting!