Acting career information.

Do you ask yourself: I want to start, but where do I find the neccesary acting career information? Well, you came to the right place.

Before you take a step into the world of acting, it is vital to understand what the job entails. You must be familiar with the various aspects of the job such as the conditions, salary range and the various opportunities available to you. Most actors are trained through university and conservatories. However, some do find work based solely on their natural talents and experiences so it is advantageous to start pursuing your career as soon as you can. Acting is a highly competitive job so you should be prepared for the intensity surrounding landing auditions and the difficulties involved in making an impact on the industry.

This acting career information is ment to clearify some assumptions about acting. Many people assume that the life of an actor is similar to that of every Hollywood star but you should be aware that most actors live very normal lives. Most professional actors actually make a living by doing work on the television, radio and theatre. Almost every type of acting job requires you to learn lines, rehearse, to attend acting classes and studying various techniques so you should be ready to do these.

Don't think that when you have your acting career information you will gain an income with acting. Work comes sporadically and unpredictably as with most artistic professions so you should be prepared to go long periods of time without any work. The volume of your work will most likely depend on your skill and ; if you are a reliable and talented performer your chances of getting work should be high. You should be familiar with the pay schemes for various types of acting; you can get paid a lump sum for your work or by the hour, depending on the job so you should make sure you know exactly how you are being paid. It is not uncommon for actors to have more than one job in order to supplement their incomes. You should be familiar with the different responsibilities being an actor places on you. You are required to express a character through your speech and behaviour so you should be well equipped to do so. You will also usually be working with other actors so you must be able to work well in a group setting. Another big part of being an actor is working under a director. You should be able to take direction and criticism well; your work will be done under close scrutiny and must meet a certain standard so if you are not quite meeting the requirements of a director do not take it personally when they are not quite satisfied with your performance.

To complete our acting career information we need to say that your acting conditions are largely determined by the type and location of your work. If you are doing voice work then you will be in a studio but say you are filming outside on location then you are subject to the environment and weather conditions. The hours can be long and the work can be extremely tiring and you might be expected to work antisocial hours; all these factors come with being a committed and professional actor and should be taken in your stride.

Familiarise yourself with the acting industry and understand its current trends. Aligning yourself with the industry will increase your chances of getting work. Take every job seriously and perform to the best of your skills as you never know who might see or hear your work. As an actor you have to be a patient and extremely passionate about it, being a professional actor is a very challenging job but its rewards usually compensate for the difficulties.

Making it in Hollywood

Take a look at this DVD

Making It In Hollywood with Tab Hunter (Actor), Sally Kirkland (Actor), Frank Cavestani (Director)

Watch this DVD and see what working in Hollywood requires. You might find some interesting tips on things you were struggling on!

"Only a great actor finds the difficulties of the actor's art infinite." - Ellen Terry

Here is another tip:

If anything stand in front of a mirror and practice various poses and expressions and think about how they make you feel and how you would feel seeing someone else doing it.