An acting career, dream or reality?

Before you begin your acting career, you must first be entirely sure that this is indeed the path you want to take. You must be ready to commit fully to this career and be ready to make potentially big sacrifices in order to be successful. Sacrifices might be as small as cutting back on spending to help save money that will help you along the way or as big as moving to a different city or even country! If you are entirely committed and ready to make sacrifices then you are ready to become a professional actor. There is more to starting a career than just sending out your headshots and your contact details and waiting for your phone to ring constantly.

Once you are settled in a city that is well suited to your acting career you should beginning applying for auditions for roles; it is also highly advantageous to enrol in an acting school. Take time to find a school that is best suited to you; do not just settle for the first school you come in contact with or one that fits around your schedule. Ask the teachers questions, learn the in’s and out’s of the school and find out how their classes will help you. As you attend the school, begin to apply for auditions. As you have little to no credentials the process to acquiring an audition might be lengthy, and as a high number of people apply for auditions your chances of being successful are very low for now. Be patient and work on your acting skills in the meantime. Make the most of your time at acting classes by making friends and engaging with the teachers and the other students; your networking skills will help you get established and have more access to various auditions.

Learn the acting industry; you plan to work in it so you should be very familiar with its inner-workings. Become familiar with the various processes within the industry, learn and understand the terms and roles in the business. Know what agents, producers and casting directors do and see to it that you understand the business side of the industry. Build on your acting career! Bolster your experience by participating in small productions. Low-budget theatre productions, community projects, independent films, even background work. With time you should begin to have some success with minor roles that will help boost your confidence and your resume. Start making a name for yourself by marketing your talents. Send out your resume along with headshots and covering letters, fill them with enough information about yourself, and make them more than just documents by allowing them to convey a sense of who you are to whoever sees them.

Another step in your acting career is to keep an eye out through magazines and local film commissions for the productions that will be done in your area. You should then focus on finding an agent for yourself. Send letters out to a number of agents you are interested in and do regular follow-ups so they know you are serious; do not hound them as this can be off-putting. Visit ‘meets and greets’ and seminars that will allow you to audition, be prepared to pay a fee for some of these though.

Your acting career is in your hands, you are simultaneously the head of the company and a major shareholder. The success of the company depends on the steps you take so make sure you are fully aware of your actions and how they will benefit you.

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