Your acting cover letter.

The most important aspect about writing an acting cover letter is deciding why you are writing the letter in the first place.

Before you write a covering letter to an agent , you have to decide exactly what it is that you want from them. Do you want a meeting with them or are you arranging to come and visit them? If you want the agent to call or if you are planning to call them you should let them know. It is very important to be very clear about what it is you want before you even start writing. Giving the agent a clear idea of what you want will go a long way.

You should also find out who your acting cover letter is going out to and address the acting cover letter specifically to that person. This shows that you have done some research on the individual and their letter isn’t amongst a batch of numerous letters to various other agents. You can find out who you are writing your publication to by doing simple research like checking relevant publications or going online. You should tell them the reasons that you want to be an actor and how dedicated you are. Tell them where you have studied by making a reference to your resume and also list the institutions that you have studied at. It is extremely beneficial if you have studied at a reputable institution. Where you have studied acting is extremely important to casting directors and agents; especially when the experience you have gained as an actor is relatively small.

In the acting cover letter, you should write what type of actor you think you are and what type of roles you think are best suited to you and why these roles are good for you. Give examples of your training as this shows that you have done some preparation for the roles you have listed. If you do this correctly and show them that you understand yourself as an actor and know what type of work you want, they will know that you are serious about it and this will add some points.

Make sure that there are no spelling errors in your letter. This is a simple but effective strategy. A simple mistake can go a long way in showing that you are unprofessional. If you can’t do something as simple as checking mistakes in a covering letter, how are you to be trusted with tasks as big as representing an agency out in the industry? Use commas and full stops in the right places and make sure your letter is clear and concise; do not ramble. Show your letter to friends and family to get a fresh pair of eyes on them.

Write that you look forward to meeting the agent instead of writing ‘please give me a call’; this shows you are somewhat desperate. Even though you are desperate, you do not want to seem that way on the page. You want to seem eager and excited about hearing from the agent but you do not want to seem desperate. Write that you will contact them by phone soon, do not give them a day to read your letter and call them. Give them enough time to consider it properly. Leave your email address too, if your email address is in any way inappropriate then you must open a new account and write that one down.

Try and stay on top of things by always checking your inbox and your phone. The last thing you want to do is miss their call and end up chasing after them; that just shows them that you are unprofessional.