Acting exercises

Do you want to act? Do you know which acting exercises you need? Have you learned that you need to practice? Did you not yet find the right teacher of class? Here we give you the links to some acting exercises to help you get started.

The exercises we collected come from various acting teachers and techniques. We have arranged them on acting skills so you can choose which exercise fits you best.

Keep on trying to find your acting school, your class, follow acting workshops. It will all help you to become not just an actor but a good actor. One that will be noticed.

Exercises on sense memory

In Method Acting you work with sense memory. sense memory. That means that you will search your inner emotions, experiences and skills. When you are aware of these aspects of yourself you will be able to use elements of all your memories, mentally, emotional and fysical in building the character you are about to play.

You can derive from your fear when your character is in a fearfull situation. Elements of your personal sorrow and happiness can help you to create a real life person on stage.

Exercises on relaxation

In order to act you need to know how to relax. Being relaxed equals being in control. An actor needs to be in control of his body, his emotions, his mind.

The objective of relaxation exercises is to lose the expressions, mannerisms and energies not necessary for your character.

Relaxation is more than being relaxed. The importance of relaxation is that you use the exercises to learn how to control your muscles, your fysical, mental and emotional self. It is not like practicing yoga. The technique is great but who wants to do a yoga exercise once on stage you are tensed. The audience would think the play is not what they assumed to get. And they will stay away a next time. No self-respecting actor wants this!!

Exercises on communication.

Drama games, learn with a laugh

Anyone should have fun while studying acting. David Farmer summed up 10 games and activitys to study acting with a laugh.

Acting quote

A good many dramatic situations begin with screaming.

Jane Fonda

Why take acting lessons?

Acting workshops often provide you with similar skills as drama class but they're taught by professionals who know what it's like to try and break into the acting game. You'll learn great auditioning tips, improvisation skills, how to work on your stage presence, and techniques to get more comfortable in front of the camera. Even if you've starred in your school's drama productions, it always helps to flex your acting muscle with new peeps in fun, new situations.