Start acting following the right path.

How do you know what to do when we say start acting following the right path? Becoming an actor requires real passion and patience. Although the rewards available through an acting career are great, it can be very difficult to find work. In order to improve your chances, you may wish to take lessons from a private acting coach or attend group sessions which include acting activities. Call your local community college to see if acting classes or theatre groups are something they offer. These sorts of groups give you great practice and will set you up well for a future acting career.

If you wish, you can always sit in on an acting class before actually taking part. This can help you to observe the structure of the class from the outside before deciding whether or not you wish to take part in it. You should also read up on your intended career, just the same as anyone in any line of work should. Read plenty of textbooks and references on becoming an actor and practise ways of memorising lines and different methods of acting.

You probably won't want to hear this, but you'll need to move to a major city if you're really serious about acting professionally. The fact of the matter is that most big acting jobs come up in big cities, so you will have a massive advantage if you live in one of these cities in the first place. Ensure you have a great head shot and resumé along with a cover letter which you should send to all casting directors and agents in your local area. Keep them updated, too, and keep their minds fresh.

Stick with it and consume yourself with your new career. Go to events and network. Practise scripts and read the trade papers and magazines. And most of all, have faith!