Acting institutes.

Do I or do I not attend one of the acting institutes is one of the first few questions that tend to be on the minds of most aspiring actors. Many aren’t quite sure how this will have an effect on their careers and if it is worth their time attending one, after all, there are quite a few successful mainstream actors and actresses out in Hollywood today that are doing quite well without having attended acting school. The truth is that not everyone needs to go to an acting institute, some people are just born with the talent and skill required to become successful actors. However, many are turned into talented and skilled actors by attending said schools.

The reason people attend these institutions is so that they can learn more about themselves as actors, the roles and projects they will have to undertake once in the industry and a number of techniques that will help them along the way. There is more to these institutions than just teaching you how to act, you will be taught how to read into a character and embody the role fully, how to relate to the other actors you will be working with, how to relate to the environment and use it as a tool to help your acting. Other vital things like self confidence and stage presence will be taught at the schools. There is more to these institutes than meets the eye, just as there is more to acting than meets the eye. Behind the scenes they also offer students associate degrees and certificate courses as well as graduate and undergraduate programs.

Also, getting into an acting school is not as hard as many make it out to be. The process usually starts with you sending your application to the institution you will like to attend; you should usually do some research into the institution you will like to attend, making sure what they teach at the school is suited to the type of actor you would like to be. Once the school as received your application they will go over it and if they are happy with what they see, they will get in contact with you and ask you to come by for an audition. Just like any real audition in the real world, the audition processes in acting institutes will vary, depending on the school. However, what they usually do is provide you with some material and ask you to prepare to read or perform it during the audition; this could be anything from a period piece to a modern or contemporary one. Some acting institution auditions could be performing a piece as part of a group or doing something improvisational.

As with most auditions, this process might seem daunting and frightening. All you have to do is be confident in yourself and make enough preparations. This will bode well as the school will see that you are taking them seriously and your skills will also be able to shine through free of nerves as a result of your extensive preparation. Make sure you show up to your audition with enough time to prepare on location too; the last thing you want to be doing is going over lines in a car or train on the way there. Dress in clean and tidy clothes too, unless the audition requires you to wear a costume.

As mentioned before, there are those that think their skills are far beyond any acting institutes so they do not need to attend them. This might be true but it wouldn’t hurt if they attended one, they would make contacts that could help in the future and would undoubtedly learn techniques and skills that they otherwise would have missed had they not enrolled at the school.

Making it in Hollywood

Take a look at this DVD

Making It In Hollywood with Tab Hunter (Actor), Sally Kirkland (Actor), Frank Cavestani (Director)

Watch this DVD and see what working in Hollywood requires. You might find some interesting tips on things you were struggling on!

"Only a great actor finds the difficulties of the actor's art infinite." - Ellen Terry

Here is another tip:

If anything stand in front of a mirror and practice various poses and expressions and think about how they make you feel and how you would feel seeing someone else doing it.