Your acting lesson 1.

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Acting lesson 1 is an exercise that will help you to improve your skills. Yes, you will become a better actor. Use our lessons and you have a bigger chance to get discovered.

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Here is our acting lesson one.

You do not always need to be in an actingclass with a lot of others.This actingclass one can be performed at home, at work, in a restaurant, everywhere. Isn't that great?

No matter where you are you can train yourself on this skill.

This first important skill is about


Why is relaxation important? Why not just practice yoga in your spare time? Because as an actor you need to be in control of your body.

Imagine: you are on stage and very tensed. So tensed that you can not perform as you want. Would you like that? No of course not. But it would be ridiculous to start your yoga-exercise now!And you can not ask your director to delay your camera performance because you are not yet relaxed!


E-actingclass one will help you to control your body instantly. You will learn exactly how to define your tense, how to relax and be present to perform. All in an instant! If you practice this exercise daily.

The exercise won't take long, but it will be super beneficial.

It can be useful to record the exercise so that you can playback the instructions. Give yourself time, record it slowly, there is no rush. Now you listen to your own voice daily while doing the exercise.

Yes you van do e-actingclass one this everywhere, but for starters find an nice spot at home. A quiet place where you can stretch out. Maybe your bed, or the floor, just choose what feels right.

Once you found the right place, close your eyes.

Imagine yourself checking: are your feet relaxed? Your toes? If they are that's good. If not, try to relax them.

Once your feet are relaxed, check your leg, does it rest on the floor or is there any tension? If so, release the tension, relax your leg.

Your thigh, is it relaxed? Release possible tension and let your thigh rest with your legs and toes.

Is your pelvis at ease? If not change your position so that your pelvis will be relaxed. It might feel like sinking deeper in the floor. That is good.

Your lower back, let it rest with your pelvis, legs and feet. If at one point you feel tension in this region, just go back, unleash the tension and go back to where you were.

Follow e-actingclass one further, now it is time to check shoulders. Feel if there is more to release.

You might start to feel sleepy, that is okay. It means that you really are getting relaxed. Make sure to not really fall asleep. Being aware is important for you as an actor.

Your arms, do they rest? No tension in hand, your fingers?

Feel your neck, and once more: if you feel any tension coming back just go there, unleash and come back.

Does your head feel relaxed? How about your eyes. Keep them closed and relaxed. Your cheek and mouth, feel how relaxed they are. Do not forget your tongue. Let it rest in your mouth.

Now we covered every part. You are relaxed and very aware of this. You created total relaxation.

And now tighten all your muscles! As fierce as possible!Hold this for about 5 seconds and then unleash all.

Now you will be total relaxed again. And maybe you even feel as if you can sink deeper into the ground than before. That is good.Do not worry if you do not feel a difference yet. In time you will get there.

Practice acting lesson 1 daily. You can also do it in a chair, standing. The tension will be different but learning how to control it is the same. And that is why this is important. YOU LEARN HOW TO CONTROL YOUR TENSION.

By practicing the relaxation exercise, you will also be improving your concentration.And that is one of our other classes. You just prepared for it!. E-actingclass one is the start, do you want to join? Sign in and get your lessons weekly.

And here is an extra tip we give you: Read about professional behaviour


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"The word theatre comes from the Greeks. It means the seeing place. It is the place people come to see the truth about life and the social situation. The theatre is a spiritual and social X-ray of its time. The theatre was created to tell people the truth about life and the social situation." - Stella Adler