Acting lesson 10 gives you Tongue Twisters!

Your acting lesson 10 is about using your main instrument when it comes to saying the lines. WHatever character you play, in any time, place or circomstances, eventually the words need to be said.

Your mouth, and especially your tongue is your most important instrument in this matter. Therefor we give you these tonque twisters.

No need to explain any further, have fun with these lines!

Many of these tongue twisters are familiar. Some came from the “Speech 101, Voice and Diction Class" at San Diego City College. Some are from Beverly Bremers Voiceover Workouts. Others are from actual scripts. Some are familiar. Some seem simple. Some will be the bane of your existence. Just remember to warm up your articulators before jumping in on them!

Rubber baby buggy bumpers

She sells sea shells by the sea shore.

The shells she sells are surely seashells,

So if she sells shells on the seashore,

I’m sure she sells seashore shells.

Five fresh fish specials daily

Unique New York

New York's Unique

You know you need Unique New York

Six stick shifts stuck shut.

Another long block of non-stop rock

The sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick

I slit the sheet, the sheet I slit; and on the slitted sheet I sit.

A skunk sat on a stump and thunk the stump stunk,but the stump thunk the skunk stunk.

A Tudor who tooted a flute

Tried to tutor two tooters to toot.

Said the two to their tutor,

Is it harder to toot –

Or to tutor two tooters to toot?

I’m not the pheasant plucker,

I’m the pheasant plucker’s mate.

I am only plucking pheasants

‘cause the pheasant plucker’s running late.

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

Did Peter Piper pick a peck of pickled peppers?

If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,

Where’s the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?

The Leith police dismisseth usThey thought we sought to stay; The Leith police dismisseth usThey thought we'd stay all day.The Leith police dismisseth us,We both sighed sighs apiece; And the sighs that we sighed as we said goodbyeWere the size of the Leith police.

(Thanks to Viv in Winchester England for the correct rhyme)

We hope you enjoy our program and like to give you this insight:

"The actor has to develop his body. The actor has to work on his voice. But the most important thing the actor has to work on is his mind." - Stella Adler

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"When you stand on the stage you must have a sense that you are addressing the whole world, and that what you say is so important the whole world must listen." - Stella Adler