Are you ready for your acting lesson 2?

And now you are ready for acting lesson 2!

In your first free lesson we gave you the relaxation exercise. Was it useful? Keep on practising that exercise every day!Add this exercise to work on your skills.

This is an interesting exercise to help you be more aware. In our live we learn numerous things, some of which we are not aware of. We learned to walk, speak, be careful, create, drive a car maybe. We learned right from wrong. We now know so much that, and of course most of our knowledge is hidden.

It's a good thing that we are not aware of all our knowledge all the time. It would drive us crazy. You can rely on your knowledge though, because when needed it is there! For example, when we are in the toilet, and the light goes out, we still know where to find our paper. Because our body and mind know. We can find it without our eyes.

An actor needs to be more aware. You need to exercise your sensory memory and your re-creative imagination. These happen to be the most important and basic tools of an actor. That is why we present your this exercise.

Sense memory

In order to repeat this exercise it can be useful to record the instructions. You can listen to them at any time, maybe change your object and keep on practising.


For this exercise you need a cup and a hot liquid. In this example we use tea.

The exercise:

Take a cup, fill it with hot tea.

Look at the cup and tea, look at the color, the form, maybe the damp coming of.

Feel the warmth of the cup, smell the tea. Does the material have a smell?

Feel the material the cup is made of, can you balance it on any bodypart.

How about the weight. What happens if you stirr it around.

And what sound does it make when you tick on it.What sound if you stirr the tea.

Is the bottom flat or not. Taste the material of the cup.

Now taste the tea. Is it a specific brand? When you zip the hot liquid, how does it feel.

If you think your really know your cup of tea, than close your eyes.

Close your eyes and repeat all investigations you just did. Make sure you do this just as thorrow as you did the first time.You can not see the object so try to visualize it while you repeat all former actions.

Did it make a difference? Did you learn more or new things on your object?

Do you think you really know your object now. Great. Than we can go on to the last step of acting lesson 2.

Put your cup down, imagine you are still holding your cup. Remember the warmth, the texture, the sound, the smell. Take your time just as you did when you were really holding the cup. Take an imaginary zip of the tea. Can you taste it? And also important, do you swallow the zip? Do you feel it going down?

Try to imagine it by remembering what you just experience in real life. Use all your senses exept your eyes.

Know that your eyes will distract you. When you are new in these kind of exercises it is best to keep your eyes closed. Later in the process of learning it can be interesting how much you can re-live with your eyes open.

We hope you enjoy this exercise. You can do it by yourself of together with others.

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