Acting lesson 3

Did you find our lesson 2 valuable? Acting lesson 3 is in the same line, about remembering an action without being in the same action.It is a rather easy to perform exercize but to do it right is much more difficult than it seems.

Each day we have a lot of actions, although we do not see them as real actions. When we hear the word action we think of wild behaviour like mountian climbing or racing, wintersports. But even getting a cup of tea is an action.

Our daily routine is full of actions. From the moment we get up it's one action after the other and it goes on till we sleep again. Maybe even that is another action!

An actor needs to define actions in a script. The action that is needed instigates the behaviour. An example: When the action is to get into the room, the action is to walk up to the door, use your key and open it. So far this might be clear. But just this action will be boring to the audience. Why? Because they don't see why the action is important.

By adding a goal to the action, I need to pick up the phone that is ringing, or I need to take the kettle of the stove before the house burns down, you make the reason for opening the door much more interesting. Imagine you don't succeed! This important call might have given you a change to see your grandmother one last time before she passed away. And you missed it! Or picking up the phone makes you win a lottery! And you missed it! Imagine you couldn't get to the kettle in time!!

The importance of why you are performing the action makes it believable and true.

Still, the action is opening your door! Now this is the exercize. Just imagine that you stand before your door. You can do this everywhere, just not at the doorstep itself (this is about imagining after all). Imagine the size of the door.Imagine the colour.What material is your door made of?Imagine where your doorknob is. Does your door open inwards or outwards. How heavy is your door, is it oakwood, board or maybe metal?

Now open the door and walk through. Does it feel like a door? How high is your doorknob? Can you enter without hurting yourself on the rabbet? Is the swing of the door correct?

Try using a real door to get the feeling and than try again with an imaginary door.

This exercize requires practice. We daily open doors, our subconsiousness knows exactly how to do that. But reproducing that knowledge without an actual door is not easy!

Our tip is to practice this on a daily base. And not just doors.There are so many daily habits to practice.

Why is this important? As an actor you need to become extremely aware of all your actions. Than you can be much more specific in your actions whilst performing. Nothing makes the audience more interested when every action makes sense, is true, with a meaning. When you act with this precision they will feel the emotions that lie underneath. You will make the difference!

Enjoy your practice!

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