Acting lesson 4 is here for you.

Another step in learing how to act.

This time we have an exercize for you about communication. When we learn our lines we need to know more than the words, we need to know more than words. We need to know in which direction we speak.

Now what does that mean? An actor always says his lines to someone isn't it? Is that the direction? The other person?

It might be so, but to really know about direction we have to understand some basics of communication. It is not a surprise that we are no robots. We do not do anything just one way. Still we are "programmed" to react in a thousand different ways. The way we react is depending on how we feel, where we are, what we want, what we need, what we are afraid of and many more influences on our behaviour.

If you want to tell something we go through a variety of reactions. In a flash we think of what we say, how it is said, we give our color to the words in an instant. And we do this automatically. We do not even know it consiously. It is like a system in which we make a difference.

An example. Let's use this sentence: "Good morning, would you like some tea?" If you want to know how this question should be spoken we first need to know more. Do we say it to our partner? Is it the first morning you spend together of after a marriage of 30 years? Is it our child? Our boss? Do we like our boss or are we desperately seeking another job? All these circomstances will give us a different tone of voice with the same words.

And in our life, we addept our way of speaking in a natural way to the circomstances we are in. But when we start acting this is not always evident.

An actor needs to be aware of this system. Needs to be able to find and understand the circomstances in the script in order to react as natural as he would if it would have been real life.

Now this is the exercise:Formulate a sentence like the one we used as an example. Maybe you have a script in which you struggle with a part? You can use that as well. Try to find 10 different circomstances in which you might say these words. Now say these words 10 times, each time as if you were in one of your chosen circomstances. Maybe you can record your voice, using your cellphone or another device. Listen to it, does it sound true? Do you hear the differences?

You can perform this exercise as often as you want. It is an important exercise. The more you practice the better you get at making these choices.

Have some fun with friends by saying things to them in 10 different ways, find out how many different ways there are for just that one sentence.

Get the hang of it? Try it with only one word. You'll be amazed how many "sorry's" you can find.

Enjoy the exercise! Next week we give you more!

Inside The Actors Studio

starring Johnny Depp

A famous television program about acting is Inside the Actors Studio. With is sympathatic approach James Lipton lets famous actors tell their story. It gives you a great insight in the world of acting!

And Johnny Depp says

“There are four questions of value in life... What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same. Only love.”Johnny Depp in Don Juan deMarco (1995)