Acting lesson 8

Welcome back to us and this is your acting lesson 8.

In acting lesson 8 we will get deeper into the use of mime, or being fysically creative.

The methods used in drama have been established for many years. They can be utilised as a tool to explore a variety of issues, emotions, reactions or subjects. The skill lies in finding the right method for your purpose. This is just one of the many useful and productive drama methods that have been employed in a variety of settings.

Mime, or a mimed activity emphasises movement, actions and physical responses rather than dialogue. It encourages participants to select movements to match the action and to use appropriate gestures and body language. Mime removes the pressure of dialogue and raises spatial awareness and understanding of physical expression.

Etienne Decroux (France1898-1993), founder of the modern mime has developed an analasys of movement: "mime corportel" This analasys is the foundation for many mime-player-groups and performances, schools and lessons.

Mime is a strong stage-art podiumkunst; Every performer makes his own performance, you don't get a set of rules of how to mime specific movements.

Why is mime important? It has to do with imagination. If you can imagine your circomstances in the way a mime-artist can, you can make any scene believable.

This weeks exercize is about using this imaginationtool. Imagine you are standing in front of your own door. You know what it looks like, how it feels, you use this door several times a day. Now picture this door. Does it go inward or outward. How high is the doorknod, how heavy is your door, imagine the colour etcetera. Imagine you opening and going through this door. How wide is the swing you make, can you get past without bumping anywhere?Ask someone to look at you while you do this. Does it look realistic?

Lets say you entered the door. Closing it behind you can also be a challenge... Now you are in your room, Imagine the things in your room. Imagine a high obstacle in front of your bed. To get into your bed you have to get past this obstacle. there is a secret button, but as we know about secrets: you don't know where!! The obstacle is a bit more than an armlength higher. And it is to thick to walk through. You have to find your secret button. Try to find it by feeling the obstacle. It feels like a wall. Is it stone? Wood? Metal? Just let your hands glide over the material, stand on your toes to feel the upper part. Keep on doing this until you really think you explored the whole obstacle. Only than you can find the button.

Once you pressed the button you can get through. Make your own image of how you can finally go to bed...

This exercize can be performed with many obstacles. In this case it was a sort of wall. If you liked the exercize: try jumping from one icebrick to another while you are chased by a polarbear. Or feel the jungle atmosphere where all the musquitos try to get to you.

And maybe more simple: look around you and try to copy the way someone walks. Not just their feet, also the way their head moves, their arms, everything. Do this and than make it as if it is you that always walks this way.

So thats this weeks asignment: get the hang of what you do daily without the actual objects to do it withj. It might be difficult at the start, but when you practice you will get better at it.

Enjoy your practice! And remember. Any actor needs to be able to imagine his circomstances before they actually appear.

Have a great time!

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