Use and improve your acting skills

Your acting skills are the tool you are working with as a professional actor. Whether you are involved with stage acting or acting on television or film, there are many different types of skills which will be essential to your development as a successful actor. First of all, you must have timing and rhythm – the abilities to move and speak precisely at the right moment in order to give the greatest impact, pacing your acting and understanding the rhythm of the play or dramatic piece. You will need pacing skills, which involve regulating the speed of your delivery and dramatic movements as dictated by the pace of the play.

You will also need to develop a sense of acting style – the ability to understand and reproduce the particular style required for the production you are performing in. That is what improving your acting skills is about. You will need to be able to create atmosphere and have a level of self-belief which ensures that the audience believe in what they are seeing. You should be able to interact well with other actors on stage and create a believable character within your role. Through analysing, improvising and living the part of your character, you will be believable and successful. Being able to feel the right emotions at the right time and communicate these to the audience are also very important.

One of the greatest acting skills is being able to hold focus and sustain your role through the entire play. If you can sustain the momentum and atmosphere whilst holding the attention of your fellow actors and the audience, your performance will be much better for it. You should be able to show thoughts and emotions without movement and use relaxation to convey the peaks and troughs of your performance.

As you can see, the spectrum of acting skills is vast and varied but you will need to be able to master each of them to ensure that you become an accomplished and respected stage actor. Fortunately, each of these skills can be learnt with practice and experience. Taking part in acting exercises and games either with friends or as part of an acting class or school can be absolutely vital to your progression as a stage actor. You should read up on acting methods such as the Stanislavski system , as these will help you to understand the different styles of acting and the ways in which you can convey certain thoughts and emotions whilst on stage.

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