Acting styles realistic acting

Although we range it under acting styles realistic acting as in Method Acting could easily be put under Acting Technique. Method acting is one of the most recognised developments in modern styles of acting. Where we talk about the thechnique we explain the way you learn to act, while talking of a style means that we see it as a modern naturalistic acting style.

The technique emphasises the use of actor’s own experiences, thoughts and emotions in the attempt to create realistic or lifelike performance. Actors will use a range of techniques in order to achieve this, immersing themselves in the world of their characters so that when acting, real memories can be drawn upon.

The origins of method acting emerged from New York’s Group Theatre , a collective active during the 1930’s, heavily influenced by the teachings of Konstantin Stanislavski . He created with his 145 acting styles realistic acting that had not yet been seen and this was revolutionair.Amongst the company were actors, directors, producers and playwrights. The coming of war saw the group disband, with key members going on to form the Actors Studio after war, later joined by Lee Strasberg who became director in 1951. Under his leadership the technique that came to be known as “the Method” was developed, and along with the tutelage Stella Adler and Robert Lewis, amongst his colleagues, the most famous one of acting styles realistic acting developed in to the phenomenon it is now recognised as today, practised by many of the 20th century’s most famous and lauded actors, such as Robert De Niro, Marlon Brando, Jane Fonda and Marilyn Monroe.

A greater audience got to know a new acting style realistic as never seen before, when Marlon Brando, James Dean amongst others showed a new way of acting. They were the people you could meet on the street, and thus a new area of acting started. Like no other acting style realistic acting had this enormous impact.