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We can say many words about one of the greatest acting teachers Meisner, but lets look at what those who worked with him have to say:

Meisner, a member of the Theater Guild and the Group Theater, has devoted most of 50 years to teaching acting and is one of the great unsung resources in American theater.

Quotes from one of the most famous acting teachers Sanford Meisner:

"Find in yourself those human things which are universal."

In 1931, a fervent group of young actors, later wellknown acting teachers Meisner, Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg, and Harold Clurman, among others, joined together to establish the Grouptheatre. It was the first permanent theatre company that brought "Method" acting, rooted in the methods of Konstantin Stanislavsky, to practice and prominence in America. Meisner appeared in twelve Group productions, including the first, The House of Connelly, and all of Clifford Odets' plays, including Waiting for Lefty, which Meisner co-directed with Odets in 1935.

The Meisner method of acting is named for its inventor, Sanford Meisner. This popular acting technique is based on a total understanding of yourself, your character and the surrounding of any given scene or play. The goal of Meisner method is to eliminate the actor on the stage, leaving a character that exists completely within the moment.

With his own theater, the Neighborhood Playhouse, and inspired by his fellow acting teachers Meisner would develop his own technique, combining the theories of his friend, Lee Strasberg, the Russian theater master konstantin Stanislavski, and the work of Stella Adler on the power of the imagination in acting.

The founding principle of Meisner method is total commitment to the character’s objective. You must fully understand what the character wants and be committed to getting it, in order to truly become the character. This is combined with training in concentrated focus on the other characters in a scene, those who may provide help or obstacles on the path to achieving an objective. Meisner method students go through a variety of exercises to help them refine these goals.

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"Pick up the impulse, not the cue." - Sanford Meisner.