Acting techniques make your acting career go up!

There are many acting techniques to choose from. Throughout the ages acting evolved and it is still evolving. These techniques are here for YOU! An actor NEVER STOPS LEARNING!

Techniques will help you in understanding the art of acting. Whether it is about getting to know your character, of learning your lines, maybe knowing how to know or create the ciromstances in which you play your part. Technical training, knowing how and where is what gets you on top.

Many great teachers developed useful techniques. Stanislavski changed acting forever by introducing his system and the naturalistic style of acting. And teachers like Stella Adler, Sanford Meisner, Chekhov derived their techniques from his system.

You can look around our website and you will find tons of information. We describe the techniques, the exercises and tell you about the teachers.

Read and learn from the great teachers of all times in acting.

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