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We have a lot of actingtips to give you on acting. But when it comes to finding a job, getting the role you want, you need to know that on our list of actingtips acting-agents is one of the important ones and should be on yours.

Many budding actors find it difficult to obtain information on how to find an acting-agent. As we learn from all actingtips acting-agents are specialized agents who represent actors and help them to find work and valuable acting roles within the stage and screen industries. Some people speek of an acting manager.

An acting-agent, acting manager should not be confused with an acting-coach. Where the coach helps you with your skills as an actor, the acting-agent will help you to make money with your skills.

There are many different ways to find an acting-agent. One method is to be introduced to an agent through your talent management representative. These representatives will often have access to the ideal agent who will be able to represent you as an actor. Another option is to approach an agent directly. This method makes acceptance unlikely, however, unless you have a great deal of talent or an existing reputation as an actor.

Another important part of our actingtips acting-agents are persons that earn commission on the fees that their clients - you - receive. So it is in his vested interest to ensure that his clients are given the best possible roles to suit their talents and that the fees secured are financially beneficial to both the actor and the agent. The terms and conditions of specific acting agents will vary from agent to agent so it is advisable to contact your potential agency in order to negotiate terms which are beneficial to you.

We try to give you expert information, it is in that perspective that like all actingtips acting-agents are really benefitial.

As a budding actor, you should ensure that you take part in as many plays, short films, student films or whichever productions you can – as often as possible. The more appearances you make, the more likely a potential acting agent is to notice you. An agent will have a network of contacts to whom they can introduce you and boost your profile within the entertainment industry.

Another one of our actingtips acting-agents will not only help but also stimulate you to get work. You should not lay back and wait. If not noticed throug this channel he might advice you this: In this modern age, it is advisable to conceive and produce your own videos through websites such as YouTube. With this technology at your fingertips, you can put yourself out to a global audience with relative ease and open yourself up to a new world of talent agents and exposure. Many casting agents want to introduce the best talents to the casting directors and therefore they scour websites such as YouTube to look for potential new talent and you could be their next big acquisition. As you see, like all our actingtips acting-agents or talent agents as they are sometimes called, get a lot of work done for you, if he is the right agent for you.You should ensure that your talent agent specialises in the area of acting in which you specialise. If you're looking mainly for commercial work, go to a commercial acting specialist. If you're looking mainly for theatre work, go to a theatrical agent. You should participate in as many networking events as possible. Word of mouth referrals are one of the most valuable ways in which acting agents discover new talent.

It is worth noting that all talent agents will work for 'free', only receiving a fee when their clients receive payment for roles obtained. You should avoid any unscrupulous agent who insists on an up-front fee. It is perfectly normal for an actor or actress to be represented by many different agents.

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