Reading our actingtips acting resumees should be on top.

Thinking of the most important actingtips acting resumees have to be on our list. An acting resumee is a list of all your experiences. This can be in theatre, film, maybe commercials but also schoolplay or home-video's. Or voice-over in radio. The list also includes your education. And of course we mean the education for your professional career as an actor. Knowing that you followed a course in mathematics or knitting is not what we mean, interesting as it might be.

If you want to get the attention of the casting director make sure you give a complete list.

Maybe you wonder, you didn't do so much yet. It is a very short list than. Is that a problem?

No it is not. When you start acting make sure you write down EVERYTHING you do. Whether you have a tiny part in a schoolplay or helped your neighbour in a funny short film, it is all experience.

Nobody expects a long list when you are young. Than when you have a lot of experience you can leave the small projects out. After alle you want to be seen as a pro.

Unlike most actingtips acting resumees are constantly changing. Because from a budding actor you grow into a skilled professional. And your resumee will show!

What should you write in your resume?

Everything that is related to your work as an actor.To make it a readable resumee you make small chapters.Chapters can be:








special skills

Fill these chapters with your experience. Do not forget to name the directors you worked with, the type of role you had.In your education: who were your teachers.

Write your name and add a picture. When you have a showreel send it, or give the link to see it on the internet. Make sure people can contact you, so give your phone number and email adress.

There are different ideas about putting your age on your resume. Most casting agencies categorize in age, looks, and experience. Give up to date information. So not your age, but the year of birth is important.

Most important actingtips acting resumees need to be true and up to date. If you send them with your acting cover letter to the agencies, be honest! Imagine you are invited for a screening and you are not able to deliver the promise you made in your resume. This means the end of your career.