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On our list of actingtips auditiontips are important. Imagine: Today’s the big day. You’ve got an audition. Whatever your background, an audition is a great leveller. Everyone has the same task - to convince the casting director that they are the best person for the job. Just like at any job interview. Contrary to popular belief, an audition panel is not there to give everyone a hard time. It wouldn’t matter if everyone who walked on stage was a brilliant actor - they have a brief and are just looking for someone who meets their requirements.

There are, however, some simple actingtips auditiontips to be more specific you can do that will help to make a good first impression. These are basic things - so make sure you get them right.

Arrive on time. They want to know that you will be reliable and professional and will get to rehearsals in time to prepare and be ready to start on time, every time.

From the moment you walk into the building be aware that you could be being assessed. Be pleasant to reception staff and administration assistants. The way you treat them will contribute to the overall impression you make. If you are rude ordifficult this will certainly be passed on to the casting panel. It is not the type of attitude they will want around a studio or theatre.

As more of our actingtips auditiontips are about paperwork. Make sure you take all necessary paperwork with you. You will need a resume of your career to date. Do not describe in minute detail every show you’ve ever taken part in. One page will be sufficient. Take care to provide accurate contact details including more than one telephone number and an email address.

It is also helpful togive an indication of when you can be contacted. You certainly do not want to lose a job because you cannot be found again in time.

You will also need a headshot, a recent headshot that actually looks like you, not one where you have been airbrushed to perfection.

As you can learn from many actingtips auditiontips give you these notices: Wear something you feel comfortable in. You may want to move around the stage as you audition so you should not feel restricted in any way. Your clothes should not be so loose though as to hide your figure as the panel may be looking for a particularbody shape.

Leave behind any heavy or statement jewellery that may be distracting to you or the panel. Colours should be subtle but not all black so that you blend in with a dark background. Avoid garish patterns or designs. It is your performance that shouldbe memorable not your outfit.

By using our actingtips auditiontips will help you to nail your audition.

If you’ve been asked to prepare a reading, this is your opportunity to really show them what you’ve got. Choose something written for a character that you could realistically play in a professional production. Your performance will be more convincing. It will not take long for the casting team to decide if they want to ask you back. So make sure that you prepare a short powerful piece that quickly shows what you’re capable of rather than something that takes time to develop and show you at your best.

nail your audition.

If you are given an unknown piece to read make sure you follow the instructions you are given. The audition panel will be made up of professional people who will probably have been in the industry for many years. At this stage in the proceedings they will certainly not appreciate someone who thinks they know how to do things better than they do.

Finally, after the audition, relax and get on with your life. You’ve done your best and there will be other opportunities. There are a lot of Don’t hassle people by ringing to ask if you got the job. If they want you, you can be sure they will let you know. do's and don'ts