There are numerous actingtips to share. We will give you a few tips on this page on various aspects of becoming an actor.

It is already hard for young aspiring actors in big cities to juggle their everyday, now throw auditions into the mix and you will undoubtedly multiply the problems they face by at least ten! With rush hour traffic, the possibility of delayed transport systems such as buses and trains and the general unpredictability of big city life, being an aspiring actor in a bustling city can be an extremely difficult thing to do. Making a living and pursuing your acting career can be a hard thing but the fact that you have thrown yourself into this situation shows how passionate you are about becoming an actor. Along with your passion you also need to make sacrifices and dedicate a lot of your time into chasing and achieving that goal of becoming an actor. Here are some tips and suggestions that should help you along the way so as to ensure you still have time to attend auditions and look after yourself so as not to get burned out. You want to be able to devote a substantial amount of your time to pursuing your career but you also want to have some time for yourself too right?

Another of our actingtips is to make sure you always carry a planner with you that will not fail you. In this modern age smart phones have made planning and scheduling so much easier for millions of people. Make use of this technology by using your phone as a planner, you can make schedules and input meeting times into them easily. Set reminders too that ensure you know exactly where you need to be and at what time; giving you enough time to make adequate preparations. You might be old-fashioned and prefer using the classis pen and pad method, in this case make sure you set up a system that ensures you stay on top of your hectic schedule. Make it a habit to always check your planner and make sure any auditions or meetings don’t slip by under the radar. Doing this can also help train your memory and help you when it comes to remembering those tricky and lengthy script lines.

Our actingtips would not be complete without advising you to find a job that allows you quite a lot of free time. Look into getting a flexible job like freelance writing, temp work or bar work. This will allow you a lot of time to attend auditions and move your schedule around to fit any auditions or meetings you have to go to. Make sure your job pays well and you have enough money to pay rent or for your classes. It is important to be honest with your employers when starting your job so that they know how flexible your schedule will be, this will make sure they are not surprised or disappointed when you have to attend any meetings or auditions.

Make sure you start your day bright and early. It might not be something you like doing, but waking up with the sun after working a late shift at the bar, but acting is a labor of love and you must be prepared to make hard and sometimes big sacrifices. Also, getting up early makes sure that you have enough time to sign up for auditions, keep yourself in shape by attending a gym, work a shift, get a nice looking haircut, attend your acting class etc. Life as an aspiring actor can get very tumultuous and hard, waking up early will help you be happier and more relaxed and will have an impact on your acting.

We hope our actingtips are helpful and stimulate you to make the best out of your career for acting.