Interested in a career for acting?

Many young people are interested in a career for acting. Most of them enjoy the plays and movies they see and that's what appeals: to be a character in a movie or play because the end-result got to them. But mind you! A movie or play is the result of a long time of hard work, low income, little social life. The rehearsal time requires dedication, stamina, commitment. And still loving your business!

When you do what you really need to do, when acting is that passion, you wil persevere and succeed. If your goal is to get famour, just ask yourself whether that is good motivation to endure all this.

To start a career for acting the next items are important and will help you to make the right choices.

Do you have acting experience?

We all played when we were children. Our fantasy could brought us to the strangest places and made us become the astronaut, or the king, maybe the mom or dad, anything was possible. And when ready we just switched to the next character. It was fun! We totally believed in what we were doing. An actor needs to be able to do the same. The difference is that he needs to develop skills to do this again and again. Make it repeatable, in order to play it night after night as if it was the first time. If you don't have experience or just a litte, you need to start building this! You need to get back to what was normal when you were a kid, and get beyond this; make it repeatable. So a career for acting starts with a lot of acting! And taking lessons to develop your skills. to be able to

Developing your skills

So developing skills is what you need to do at first! Find a school, workshops and start to understand what acting is all about. Knowing the lines is one thing but that doesn't make you an actor. Starting a career for acting means a lot more. You need to learn how to use your voice, your physical abilities, and of course your imagination. Take lessons, to give a career for acting a real chance!

Your next steps towards professional acting

Your career for acting needs to be taken further. There are a lot of casting agencies that can help you. They know their way an can help you getting auditions and getting your self known. You might consider an acting agent but for starters it is not necessary. The casting agency can provide the auditions fitting your skills. The more experienced the better auditions. So don't sit and wait until your promising audition but keep on stuying acting!

Patience and endurance

It is a common misconception that once started a career for acting, the life of every actor is the same as all the major stars in Hollywood but in reality there are so many different types of actors. People are only aware of those in Hollywood because they are the most popular. There are a lot of professional actors that make a living by doing all sorts of work on the television, radio and different types of theatres.

The life of an actor tends to be quite unpredictable, because a career for acting is not stable.You are not always sure of when work will come and some bookings can be lengthy whereas others can be quite short. The work is as unpredictable as almost every other artistic profession so you should plan how to survive without work for extended periods of time. The amount of work you will be getting will most likely depend on your skill and work ethic; if you are extremely talented and work professionally you will get more work. Almost every type of acting job requires you to rehearse and learn lines so you should be good at this, remembering your lines is just an example of how others will see you as taking your work seriously.

Understand the business

Take some time out to become familiar with the different salaries available for different types of jobs. Some actors get paid in lump sums, some get paid by the hour and others get percentages. It is not uncommon for actors to have more than one job so as to supplement the income they make from their career for acting. You will also usually be working with other actors so you must be able to work well as part of a group. Another big part of being an actor is working under a director. You should be able to take direction and criticism well; your work will be done under close scrutiny and must meet a certain standard so if you are not quite meeting the requirements of a director do not take it personally when they are not quite satisfied with your performance but see it as another step in your career for acting.

Your acting conditions are largely determined by the type and location of your work. If you are doing voice work then you will be in a studio but say you are filming outside on location then you are subject to the environment and weather conditions. The hours can be long and the work can be extremely tiring and you might be expected to work antisocial hours; all these factors come with being a committed and professional actor and should be taken in your stride.

Familiarise yourself with the acting industry and understand its current trends. Aligning yourself with the industry will increase your chances of getting work. Take every job seriously and perform to the best of your skills as you never know who might see or hear your work.

As an actor you have to be a patient and extremely passionate about it, being a professional actor is a very challenging job but its rewards usually compensate for the difficulties.

Castings, how to survive them.

If you are new in the acting business there is a lot to learn. Before you are ready for your first casting it can be wise to know your way around. To learn more about the casting business Click Here!

"Study, find all the good teachers and study with them, get involved in acting to act, not to be famous or for the money. Do plays. It's not worth it if you are just in it for the money. You have to love it." - Philip Seymour Hoffman

Getting down to (show) business

by Bonnie Gillespie