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And we gladly give you an extra tip:

At the start of your career it is important to know what you want. Write down

- what inspired you to get into acting. - What do you want to achieve by taking acting lessons. - What is your acting style? - What is your idea of how the acting business works- Who do you know in the acting business?- What is your biggest dream?- What would you do to reach your goal?- where will you be in 5 years?

These are the first of a lot of questions you might start asking yourself. When you finished, put them in an envelope on a save place. Keep it there for 5 years!!

After 5 years you can look back, using your own words at what you achieved and mostly HOW you achieved it. It will be a wonderful personal document. A reminder in difficult times and a realisation of how far you got!

We hope you enjoy our lessons!

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