Start acting and getting discovered.

If your motto is 'start acting getting discovered' than here you can find what it takes to get there.. 'How do I get discovered?’ a question numerous budding actors have asked during their journeys to become successful. Everyone wants to their ‘discovery’ story to be amazing, ‘I was sitting at a bar with my friends and this casting director came over and gave me his card and told me to get in touch, next thing I know, I’m playing the lead role on this television show!’ Stories like this are actually true but what are the chances of that happening to everyone? Highly unlikely to be perfectly honest, the road to discovery tends to be a long and hard one.

Maybe you ask yourself how you shall be getting discovered, and how are casting agents and directors going to find their way to you, you should be going out there and carefully and strategically putting yourself in the position to get discovered. While other aspiring actors like yourself are sitting at barstools and waiting for their chance encounters, you should be doing some hard work that puts you miles ahead of the competition.

Before you even start thinking about getting discovered you should work on your talent and skill to make sure that when you do get noticed, it is worth the time of the discoverer. What’s the point in getting an opportunity like that if you haven’t got the talent to match it? Enrol in an acting school and take acting classes that suit the type of career you want as an actor. Build on your skills and keep bettering yourself. Think about it like this, in the time it takes your career to start; you are gaining vital skills and experiences that make you a better actor and preparing yourself for the moment of getting discovered.

Start working on your acting resume and your headshots. What use are your skills if you’re not putting yourself out there for those that matter to see you? Your resume and covering letter should let whoever reads it know who you are as a person, it should be more than words on a page and your personality should shine through brilliantly. You should take time out to know what good covering letters, resumes and headshots look like. Don’t be afraid or hesitant to ask around or to seek advice. The difference between your resume being taken seriously or thrown into the bin could very well depend on how much research you did before you sent them out. Work on your social networking skills so as to get yourself known; attend events that you know will benefit you in terms of getting discovered. If done right, all these activities should increase your chances of getting your name out there and getting discovered. These include events like showcases, film or theatre festivals, forums with directors and casting agents and any acting trade shows or gatherings.

You should also take some time to try and learn about the inner-workings of the acting industry. Make yourself familiar with the practices, learn about the audition process, and not just how to give a good audition either; learn about the roles of the directors, producers and casting agents. It is a good idea to learn about the business aspect of the industry, you are trying to be in front of the camera but it wouldn’t hurt to have some understanding of what goes on behind it. Doing all these things right will speed up the process and get you ready for your big break when it does come. So don’t just sit there and wait to get discovered, start getting yourself known and following these steps and before you know it, your discovery will happen.