Learn to act by taking the right steps

If you want to be an actor: LEARN TO ACT . This is very important, especially for young and aspiring actors. You are never too old to learn so middle aged or older people can also consider this. If you enroll yourself in a course that helps you learn to act. Acting lessons teach you skills that you might not be aware of yet and if you are already an established actor, they keep your skills updated and give you new aspects and elements that you can incorporate into what you already know.

There are different ways to learn to act but what most of them have in common is that they tend to give you valuable acting skills and experiences that will help you in the profession. More times than not, you will be taught in a classroom style setting. The alternative to this being one on one instruction, which as you might have already guessed is more expensive than the former.

Most people think that if it is known that they learnt how to act in a school, it will reduce their chances of being taken seriously in the industry. The truth is that acting lessons are considered as formal training. If you decide that you want to learn to act, the various lessons you take will expose you to valuable information that will help your career. You will usually get a certificate that shows what you have learned once you have completed the lessons too. This is beneficial as it highlights the training and experience that you have gained from the lessons during the time of the course.

The acting lessons that you can take that come highly recommended will probably not be taught by any average Joe off the street. Those that help you learn to act at the school or group will usually be very talented and experienced actors. These teachers are usually former actors or hold degrees in theatre acting; what this means is that paying attention to their teachings will ensure you get a lot of knowledge during your time there.

With those teaching you how to act being industry professionals they will tend to have a lot of valuable information about the business. There are ways to take advantage of this besides just learning how to act. You can find out about auditions before other people do, you can get helpful audition tips and you can use your networking skills to help you get to know casting directors and agents. Finding out this information from the teachers will undoubtedly put you in an advantageous position and set you apart from the other competition.

Getting the information from the teachers will also be extremely helpful as they will probably have been in your shoes before and experienced similar situations such as the intense competition in the industry or the nerves, stress and apprehension surrounding auditioning for a role. The feedback you get from the acting lessons will also be beneficial. The teachers are there to help you and will not give you any false information about your performance as they are there to help you. Make sure you take their criticisms on board, regardless of whether they are positive or not; it will only help to improve your skills and make you a better actor. Another advantage of taking acting lessons is that they look good on your resumes. When it comes to getting a role in a production, your overall look and acting ability play a huge part, but so does your resume. A resume with a list of acting classes and lessons you have taken could be the difference between you getting a part or not.

Learn about great teachers.

The Great Acting Teachers and Their Methods by Richard Brestof.

"Actor training should be broadly humanistic, involving the study not just of dramatic literature and theatre history, but of languages, literature, and history generally, and should be centered on acting in plays rather than just exercises, improvisations, monologues, or even scenes." - Richard Hornby