Professional behaviour.


You are in the acting program of acting classes online tips. As an extra gift in the program you get this piece of advice on your behaviour.

Of course we do not comment on how you behave right now, but we give some tips that will help you in your acting career and in the world of acting.

It can be a tough world and of course you want to survive in there. Better even, you want to be a winner!!!

Your behaviour will be of interest to all the tabloids and ask yourself, how would you like to be portrayed?

You can show your best side, get the interest of the right people in the business by following a few simple rules.

Yes they are simple. Everyone can manage to do this. It almost seems to easy. But this is how you will be noticed for your professional behaviour!

- Always show up in time, preferably a bit early but not to much! And remember, showing up is already your first step! Showing up in time is two steps ahead of those who are late!

- Dress properly. Wear clothes in which you feel comfortable, but also consider the part you are auditioning for. If you feel comfortable in jeans but your part is about an amish kid, you better make sure that you leave the jeans at home! Remember you can make only one first impression!

- Be present. Make sure you slept well the night before! Preferably you went to bed early, drank no alcohol and have prepared the lines you might have to speak. No one wants to see an actor who cannot keep his eyes open or lacks concentration.

- Prepare your performance. Whether it is for an audition or a rehearsal, make sure you know your lines, know what your character wants in the scene. If you know this you still need to be open to any suggestions the director gives you. Knowing your lines makes it easier to try new approaches.

- Share your experiences and knowledge. Once you move on in your career others will be where you were once. Help them to move on, and be a generous teacher. After all weren't the teachers you learned from valuable?

Professional behaviour is also to keep on learning. Acting is a business in which age is not important. But experience and willingness to keep on learning is! And isn't that just a very inspiring part of acting?

We hope you enjoy this tip and welcome you to visit more acting tips and acting information on professional behaviour.