If you want to start acting institutes like these are recommended

Nowadays if you want to start acting institutes that can provide the lessons are all around. Whether it is the smalltown actingclass or the famous Actor Studio, a Broadway musical school or Bollywood acting school, Guildford in the UK, or the American Acting Academy. Mind you: you live in the age where you can choose!

This might sound strange, after all you have to audition to enter, so what about choosing. Let me explain that, if you start acting, institutes all over the country give you the opportunity to audition, in review of the early twenties of last century. A lot has changed in the past 100 years.

Had you lived than, you would not have found any institute. If you wanted to start acting institutes were mainly theatercompanys. There were classes sure, but mainly during rehearsel you learned about the business. Because it was only until Stanislavski wrote down his system that there was actually a written sytem according to which acting could be taught. It was new, and definitively not common. It was only until the 1925 that Lee Strasberg started the American Laboratory Theatre (LAB) in which he, under the influence of Konstantin Stanislavski worked on the development of Method Acting.

After spending time in 1940 as director of screentest, Lee Strasbergs work with his actors, creating a new form of acting, made him one of the most influencial directors. Behind the scenes of this golden age of theatre on Broadway was something new, an organization of actors, as well as directors and playwrights called a “studio” – The Actors Studio. In 1948 Lee Strasberg was asked to join the Studio. He accepted the invitation and in 1951 he was named its sole Artistic Director, a position he held until his death in 1982. The Actors Studio became one of the leading artistic movements in international theatre and film.

The Actors Studio can be found in New York and Los Angeles.

The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute is built on a history that stretches back to the 1920’s, decades before it was officially founded in 1969.

Still, to start acting institutes like the Actors Studios are not your only option. Being educated in a small town class doesn't mean that the quality is less.